11-Feb-07 5:00 PM  CST

NPTA: Now a Non-Profit

The National Pharmacy Technician Association (NPTA) has completed the process of becoming a registered non-profit organization, after being a privately-held organization since 1999.
"Being a non-profit organization has always been our plan," explained Mike Johnston, NPTA's Founder, "and during the 4th quarter of 2006, the leadership of the association agreed that the time was right."
Critics of the organization have focused on the fact that NPTA was a privately-held organization, and many believed that the group would be short lived, but with more than 30,000 registered members in seven years, NPTA has established a solid base and a strong presence.
According to Johnston, "We chose to be privately-held in the beginning because we knew that there were many powerful groups that would not want to see us succeed...we needed greater flexibility and did not desire to be reliant upon grants - which almost always come with strings attached."
Johnston will continue to serve as the Chairman of the Board, but will not receive any salary or compensation from the organization, even for his executive responsibilities as the CEO of the association.

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