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Good News for Avocado Lovers, New Study Suggests

If you’re one of these people who love avocado, good news, turns out the green fruit with the golf ball sized seed may be even healthier than we first thought. A new study from Penn State University indicates that even though avocados may be high in cholesterol they may actually help to decrease low- density lipoprotein (LDL) often referred to as bad cholesterol. Lower LDL levels, of course, translate into an overall over better total cholesterol, which can translate into improved blood pressure and heart health.

The Penn State study followed 45 overweight adults. The participants were asked to follow 1 of 3 different diets. Each diet was specifically meant to reduce the amount of LDL. The first diet contained 24 % fat and included a daily intake of 1 Hass avocado, while the other two diets had a total of 34% fat, and use of high oleic acids, such as olive oil. The participants followed each one of the diets for three weeks. Participants took a two-week date after the completion of each diet, before beginning the next diet.

Researchers found that while all three diets had a significant effect on cholesterol levels, the diet that included the consumption of one Hass avocado had the greatest decrease in LDL. The diet that included 1 Hass avocado had a decrease of 13.5mg/dL while the diet that included high oleic acids, like olive oil; saw decreases of 7.4mg/dL and 8.3 mg/dL respectively.

As good as this news may appear it does not come without some caution. Avocados, in addition to potentially helping in lowering LDL cholesterol and high in vitamin C, are also heavy on calories. Avocados are not a main course food and used be consumed in small amounts. Having an average of 200-300 calories per fruit, avocado are best consumed as an add- on, such as to salads and sandwiches or a condiment, such as guacamole.





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