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Mediterranean Diet May be Key to Healthier Living

Healthy living, its something we all aspire to, especially was the New Year brings about a chance for a fresh start. While fad diets face us at every turn, health experts believe there may be one diet that isn’t simply a fad, but rather than a turn towards a lifetime of better living. The Mediterranean diet, which involves a diet rich in unrefined grains, vegetable, fruits, fish, olive oil, nuts, beans, and pea, does seem to provide proof of not only a healthier life style, but also the possibility of longer life.

This is not the first time the Mediterranean diet has made the news. According to a study conducted at Harvard Medical School, the diet, which does allow limited amounts of diary and meats, can help to manage weight and help to prevent chronic disease states such as cardiovascular disease and possibly even stroke. Those who ate a Mediterranean diet low in fat, but high in extra virgin olive oil had a 30% reduced risk for heart attack or stroke, and those who ate a Mediterranean diet involving more nuts had a 28% reduced risk for heart attack and stroke.

While the Mediterranean diet does seems to be useful in helping to maintain a healthy life style, health experts warn it is not the sole factor related to heart disease and stroke. Anyone contemplating beginning a Mediterranean diet should first speak with his or her physician. Diets like the Mediterranean that are high in vegetables, fish, seafood, and olive oil are certainly much healthier than those that require patients to limit themselves to one specific type of food, but again, speaking with your physician should be the first step.





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