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Integrity of Pharmacy Profession Remains on Top for 12th Straight Year

The practice of pharmacy has long been a profession associated with integrity, and for the 12th straight year the general public agrees. According to a recent Gallup poll, Honesty and Integrity Survey today, pharmacists are the second most trusted profession. Pharmacists ranked second only to nurses and physicians. The survey, which is conducted annually by Gallup, asked how recipients viewed the honesty and ethical standards of various professions. 65% of recipients answered that they viewed the honesty and ethical standards of pharmacists as high or very, very high. 80% of recipients answered that they viewed the honesty and ethical standards of nurses as high or very, very high.

Survey information stated that pharmacists were held at such a high ranking due to their ablity to provide accurate and honest information about over-the-counter medications, prescription counseling services, as well as various other medication services, such as drug utilization review and medication review. In an age where honesty and integrity often become lost, the ability of the profession of pharmacy to remain consistently among the top three professions for integrity, speaks volumes. Pharmacists are high educated and trained individuals who rely on their education as well as their co-workers, primarily the pharmacy technician, to help provide the patient with the safest and most informative treatment available.

Pharmacy technicians are also held to high standard within the profession of pharmacy. As pharmacy technicians begin to take on more responsibility, education and training will become an essential part of retaining the integrity of the profession. Pharmacy technicians are key to the development of the profession of pharmacy and will be judged by the integrity and honesty they contribute to the profession.






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