26-Dec-14 1:00 PM  CST

Makers of New HCV Drug Sued Over Cost of Drug Therapy

Gilead is being sued by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) over the excessive costs associated with its HCV drug, Sovaldi. Sovaldi, which was released earlier in the year, was the first drug approved by the FDA specifically to fight HCV. While the HCV drug was met with great enthusiasm by the medical community for fighting the symptoms associated with HCV, the cost of treatment have been described as extreme. A typical therapy of Sovaldi in the United States cost approximately $84,000 for a 12-week therapy, far above the cost for the same therapy in other countries.

SEPTA states it has spent approximately 2.4 million dollars this year on drug therapies of Sovaldi for its employees and calls the costs of the drug, “exorbitant”. During the first three quarters of this year Gilead has received profits of 8.5 million for Sovaldi. This summer the United State Finance Committee sent a letter to Gilead asking for a rational behind the drug cost. The cost, which has greatly affected the cost associate with Medicare and Medicaid as well as other federal programs. Gilead has yet to comment on the lawsuit brought against them from SEPTA.




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