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Career Tips: Do You Have An Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Do you have dreams of opening up your own pharmacy one day or being a consultant to other pharmacy technicians? Being an entrepreneur takes ambition, drive, and a will to go the extra mile.  Working hard and getting some backing to help you become an entrepreneur helps as well. The spirit of this type of businessman or businesswoman carries certain traits and shines through in all of their endeavors.  Here is a look at what makes these individuals so special and successful:


  • Passion.  Smart business people have a passion for what they do.  They believe in themselves, their product, business, services, or dream. These people may face the possibility of failure and if they do fail they will get right back up and figure out what went wrong in their endeavor, but they never give up. That in itself is a gift.


  • Positive nature.  Ever notice that the most successful people think positive thoughts and when they do – good things usually happen? So staying positive is a must if you want to become a business of one or a business of a hundred people. Either way, keep your head up.


  • Adaptability.  Being able to adapt to any environment is a must for entrepreneurs. In addition, they define, refine, build, and customize their services to meet the buyer’s needs.


            Author Linda Rottenberg recently released her new book titled “Crazy Is A Compliment: The Power Of Zigging When Everyone Else Zaggs” has a few words to say on entrepreneurship and standing out among the crowd to make your idea work. “Give yourself permission to see the world differently. If you aren’t being called crazy, you aren’t thinking big enough yet,” said Rottenberg for Glamour Magazine’s October issue.

            Do you have a dream you want to pursue?  Do you want to take your pharmacy technician career further? Remember to dream big and make it your reality.





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