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Career Tips: Recommendations On LinkedIn And More

 Your pile of paper job applications is huge and your job possibilities are never ending, but wait, think before you even start to fill out the application. Here are some things to keep in mind before you even apply to the pharmacy you so desire:


  • Recommendations and endorsements on LinkedIn.  Recommendations and endorsements on LinkedIn count for a lot. Most job applications ask for a cover letter to go along with the application. Consider including a sample of a good recommendation or endorsement you received on LinkedIn in your cover letter. By including the favorable comment you are showing that others in your field appreciate and respect your work.  This can carry you far when turning in a job application.


  • Personal life.  Make sure you keep your personal life out of your cover letter, resume, and job application. If there is a good reason to mention it, like why you had to take some time off from work, then mentioning it is ok. Keeping your personal life out of business matters is a good practice to remember in the world of work.


  • The right fit.  Be sure to network with pharmacies that are the right fit for you and your potential employer. There is nothing worse than getting into a new job and disliking it. Hopefully you have spent a lot of time on trying to get to know as much as possible about the company you are applying to. The best fits are the ones where the potential employer and employee have done their homework.


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