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Career Tips: Things Your Boss Wishes You Knew

Bosses and employees cannot read each others minds so it is important to understand each other and be on the same page to achieve the best outcome on work projects and career goals. Here are some things your boss wishes you knew:


Attitude. Career experts say your boss appreciates a good attitude as much as he values your work. Coming off as negative, complaining, shooting ideas down, and being overly temperamental has an impact on your daily work life and often whether you will receive promotions as well. So remember to stay positive at work and your boss will surely reward you with positive feedback about your job, which can lead to better assignments and increased work productivity across the board.


Emotions and your job.  Emotions and the way you deal with them affect your job performance and your relationships with co-workers and your boss. Dealing with your emotions in a proper manner will give you more credibility at work and your supervisor will take your opinion more seriously as a result of not reacting emotionally or overemotional to work situations.


Helpful reminders. Your bosses cannot possibly remember every project you are working on so giving helpful reminders about where you are on a task can be very helpful.  A reminder does not need to be a full meeting, but can simply just be an update to say where you are on a project and if you will meet your deadline.


Remember these simple tips to help you and your boss stay on the same page about work endeavors and projects. Once you have connected together on work tasks, life will be much easier for your both!




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