2-Aug-06 1:00 PM  CST

NPTA Unveils Expanded, Contemporary Website

NPTA, the National Pharmacy Technician Association, has relaunched their primary website - www.pharmacytechnician.org  with the addition of extensive new online resources and a contemporary/easy-to-navigate design.

NPTA's website is ranked at the top for pharmacy technicians, based upon both unique visitors and page views(hits).  The website has grown, since it's launch in 2000, to more than 20 million hits annually. 

Mike Johnston, Founder and Chairman of NPTA, shared, "...we believe that within the next 2 years that the [web]site will more than double it's annual traffic - exceeding 50 million hits annually.  The reason is simple - NPTA is the leading organization for this profession; we continue to evolve and find innovative ways of serving the needs of our members...with the addition of all the new online content - it will simply be 'the website for technicians."

The relaunched website is also bringing along multiple new [technology-based] partnerships.  While the website will continue to use the framework of Schipul's Tendenci  membership management software, new partners include: CareerBuilder, WebEx and Premier Global.

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Source: NPTA  

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