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3-Dec-14 9:45 AM  CST  

Americanís Smoking Less CDC States 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Americans are smoking less. A resent bulletin released by the CDC states that smoking rates in the US are down. In 2013 smoking rates in the US were just over 18%, and a recent study finds those rates have dropped to just over 17% in 2014. Health officials find the news encouraging, especially since the use of nicotine has been linked to a number of fatal cancers.

            The news enforces a trend in the United States. The federal government, who has been tracking smoking trends for years, finds that smoking has been on a steady decline since the mid-1960s. In 2005 there were approximately 45 million smokers in the United States. In 2013 the number of smokers dropped to 42 million. The CDC also finds that there are fewer young people smoking. In 2001 28.5% of all high school students smoked, and in 2011 that number drop significantly to 19.0%.

            Smoking has been linked to any number of disease states, including cancer and respiratory disease, as well as increased risks for diabetes. In fact more than 16 million people in the US suffer from a disease that was caused by smoking. (CDC) The CDC goes on to state that for every 1 person who dies from a smoking related disease, 30 more people suffer from an illness linked to smoking.

            The cost of smoking in the US is astronomical. Why the tobacco industry spends more than 8 billion dollars a year in advertising each year, the cost to the consumer is almost 40 times as great. 289 billion dollars a year is spent covering the cost of illness and lost wages due to smoking. In addition the cost associated with illness due to second hand smoke is 5.6 million each year. So seeing a downward trend in smoking may very well be encouraging news for everyone.





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